What is ezWiz?

ezWiz is a new technology, unique to emailWiz, that automatically connnects your website to your emailWiz account. It’s like having a dedicated mail server for your website.

Why is this better?

ezWiz offers several advantages, compared with using a plugin or configuring your mail settings manually.

The obvious advantage is it simplifies the setup and avoids the chance of doing something wrong. If you operate an e-commerce website, you may have three or four applications on your site that send emails. Normally, you’d have to configure the mail server settings individually for each application or plugin. And, if you operate multiple websites, you’d have to do this separately for each site. With ezWiz, you simply authorize your hosting company to route mail from your website through your emailWiz account. Once it’s setup, any application or plugin that sends mail from your website will automatically route through emailWiz. It’s zero-configuration!

Another benefit is it’s more secure, since it doesn’t store your emailWiz password on your hosting company’s server. When you configure your mail server settings via a plugin, that plugin stores your emailWiz password in a database on your hosting company’s server. The same is true when you use a plugin from any of our competitors. In order to send mail via any third-party mail service, the plugin must have access to your password. But ezWiz is different because it doesn’t use a plugin. Instead, it establishes a direct link between your website and your emailWiz account. Thus, if a hacker were to hack into your website, your emailWiz account would be still be safe.

What are the requirements?

To enjoy the benefits of ezWiz, you must have a paid emailWiz account and your website must be hosted with an ezWiz Web Hosting Partner. ezWiz is not available on our free plan. If you don’t see your hosting company on the list, you have the following options:

  • Move your website to one of our hosting partners.
  • Encourage your hosting company to become an ezWiz partner. It costs them nothing and we promote them for free on our website.
  • Configure your website manually. emailWiz will work fine without ezWiz and it’s compatible with any hosting company, regardless of whether or not they’re an ezWiz partner. ezWiz is just a simpler more streamlined way of connecting your website to your emailWiz account.

ezWiz Setup

Setting up ezWiz is a two-step process:

  1. Login to your emailWiz account and go to ezWiz Domain Authorizations. Follow the instructions on that page to add each of your domains.
  2. Login to your web hosting control panel and click the ezWiz icon to complete the connection for each of your domains. The location of ezWiz in your control panel will vary depending on which control panel your hosting company uses. If you’re unable to locate it in your control panel, please open a support ticket and we’ll help you.