You can configure your emailWiz account to post HTTP event notifications to a specified URL. The Notifications Settings section in the Control Panel documentation contains instructions on configuring your notifications. Each notification will be sent as an HTTP GET request.

Query String Parameters

  • transaction – String guid returned by /mailer/send
  • to – Recipient’s email address
  • date – Date and time of event (UTC)
  • subject – Email subject
  • status
    • Opened
    • Clicked
    • Error
    • Success
    • AbuseReport
    • Unsubscribed
  • channel – Channel corresponding to this job
  • account – Account’s email
  • category – Message category of bounced email. You can read detailed descriptions on the Bounce Categories page.
    • Ignore
    • Spam
    • BlackListed
    • NoMailbox
    • GreyListed
    • Throttled
    • Timeout
    • ConnectionProblem
    • SPFProblem
    • AccountProblem
    • DNSProblem
    • WhitelistingProblem
    • CodeError
    • ManualCancel
    • ConnectionTerminated
    • ContentFilter
    • NotDelivered
    • Unknown
  • target – If a clicked link triggered the notification, this parameter will contain the URL of the link the recipient clicked on.
  • postback – When sending mail, you can include a custom header, X-Postback to pass through values such as customer ID. If you included this header in your mailing, its value will be passed back in the notification via this parameter.

Example Notification 04:17:27 PM&status=Opened&channel=My Channel&

The parameter values will be URL encoded.