Email Delivery in the Cloud

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective way to generate repeat orders from your customer list. We make it easy and inexpensive. Mail newsletters, promotions, offers and surveys from our user-friendly web application.

Transactional Mail

Send order confirmations, receipts, shipping notifications, order followups, support emails and customer service emails. Mail directly from your web application via SMTP, our API, or our ezWiz zero-configuration mail server.


emailWiz is a professional-grade email marketing and delivery platform. We help you communicate with your customers, build relationships, monetize your email list and maximize the return on your marketing investment.

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We're Flexible

  • Send marketing emails, transactional emails or both, all from a single account.
  • Create campaigns in our user-friendly web interface, or mail directly from your application via SMTP / API.
  • Send up to 12,000 emails/mo on our FREE plan, or upgrade to one of our paid plans. Choose a plan based on number of subscribers or number of emails sent per month. Or, select our Pay As You Go plan and only pay for the emails you send, no subscription required.



By hosting your website with one of our web hosting partners, you get access to ezWiz, our zero-configuration mail server. With ezWiz, there are no plugins to install and nothing to configure; it automatically routes all mail sent from your website through your emailWiz account. ezWiz is OPTIONAL. You can use emailWiz with ANY hosting company, regardless of whether or not they're an ezWiz web hosting partner.


We offer advanced contact management features, including the ability to create segments. A segment is similar to a database view or a saved query. For instance, you could create a segment for females in California, age 18-25, who purchased within the past month. Segments are dynamic; they update automatically, whenever contacts are added to or removed from your list.


Every prospect has a unique set of wants and needs, so stop sending everyone the same generic marketing offers. Instead, survey your prospects first, to find their individual hot buttons. Then, send customized offers to each prospect, based on their answers to your survey questions. We make it easy to create surveys that help you optimize your marketing strategy.

Form Builder

Our web form builder is a fast, easy way to start collecting leads and building your email list. It generates HTML code, which you can insert into your web pages to create opt-in forms. This is a double opt-in form, so after users submit the form, we’ll automatically send them a confirmation email asking them to click on a link to confirm their subscription.


Templates are like stationary. They’re pre-designed themes and layouts you can use in your email campaigns. You can add templates to your account from our Template Gallery or create your own from scratch. When designing or customizing templates, you can work with our user-friendly, drag-and-drop visual template editor, or you can edit the raw HTML code.

Import / Export

Import your existing subscribers and easily add our opt-in forms to your website. Export your subscriber list any time you want. Your data belongs to you.


Automatically send emails in response to various events, including subscribing to your list, opening an email, clicking on a link in an email and according to time-based schedules. Each autoresponder is actually a campaign that's triggered by an event, rather than being sent manually. To create an autoresponder, you just create a new campaign and select the event trigger.


Monitor your campaigns in real time and access a detailed history of all sent emails, grouped by status. View results by campaign, time period and other parameters. You can also export raw log files to do your own analysis.

Multivariate Testing

Simultaneously test many versions of your template, subject lines, sending times and lists against one another. After sending your campaign, you'll be able to view various statistics for each test, including open rates, clickthrough rates and more.

Template Scripting

Generate dynamic content by embedding Javascript within your templates. Create complex workflows, varying the content depending on conditions defined by your script, even pulling content from external API's. 


Our API supports over 100 methods. Create/modify contacts, manage contact lists and segments, create/send campaigns, manage all aspects of your account, access log files, create templates, manage domains and dozens of other functions. Enter a Notification URL and receive HTTP notifications for events like open, click, success, failure, unsubscribes, abuse reports and inbound emails.

Reputation Monitoring 

Use our built-in tools to track deliveries, bounces and spam complaints. For more advanced reputation monitoring, we offer Litmus integration.